Warptrix is a small danish independent game development company founded in 2014 that is dedicated to create great fun and challeging games.

So far, one game has been created called BrainJoy.


BrainJoy is a mobile game, fun and challenging braintraining game pushing your skills to the limit.

It is a game which contains so far 22 minigames and have 8 different categories targeting your different parts of your brain.

You can login with Facebook, post your score, save your progress and compare yourself to your friends, family and the world with the statistics.

The developtment of the game started January 2015 and after one year of developtment, it is now released and freely available on android Google Play.

Contact Information

Email: contact@warptrix.com
Address: Oesterbrogade 71, 1. floor, door 9
Postalcode: 8500 Grenaa